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Ultrasonic facial cleanser

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Made for your skin

From experience, we have noticed that the first impression often counts. Pimples, blackheads, and large pores are all the more annoying when everyday life calls and you prefer to hide at home.

 The freshness kick

The cleansing specifically removes blackheads and eliminates fats and impurities.

✔️Removes dead skin

 ✔️Frees pores from excess sebum

 ✔️Dissolves pimples and blackheads

 ✔️Promotes blood circulation in the skin

Your new ultrasonic facial cleanser was developed so that you feel comfortable in your skin and your life is no longer sabotaged by skin impurities.


 Cleaner pores

The ultrasonic vibration penetrates into the skin and can thus effectively free the pores of make-up residue and dirt. Blackheads and sebum don't stand a chance here!


Get your ultrasonic peeling kit for a thoroughly cleansing result to get started in everyday life..

Many influencers are enthusiastic!

















Step 1.

Wash your face with warm water and keep your skin wet.

 A suitable moment would be, for example, after a warm shower.

Step 2.

1. Turn on the device and select "Cleansing" mode to activate the cleaning function to open pores and remove dirt and cosmetic residue.

 2. Select "Moisturzing" mode, the device helps to absorb nutrients such as vitamin C or skin care essence into the skin more easily.

 3. Select "Lifting" mode, massage your face with the device to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.