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Treat dispenser dog toy

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Let your furry pal have endless hours of fun!

Is your dog a slacker and a fast eater? With this pet feeder toy, you can keep your pet active and healthy at the same time by letting them play. Give your pet their much-needed exercise in a fun way!


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The inner labyrinth design ensures that each dog treat has to overcome many obstacles to get into the dog's mouth. Compared with normal dog toys, it increases the "hunting" difficulty and time. 

The adjustable buckles allow the toy to fit different sized treats and food, and control the speed of food ejection.

Your benefits

✔ Easy to Clean - This interactive dog toy has a tumbler design. This allows the toy to roll in a small area when playing. The dog food is not scattered everywhere. The feeder twists apart for easy cleaning and refilling. Thanks to the transparent material, you can check the feed consumption at any time.

 ✔ Slows down feeding - The pet feeder slows down feeding to aid digestion and bloating. It is a puzzle-like cushioning device. Fill the container with food and let your pet enjoy interactive feeding. The ideal food dispenser for dogs or cats.

 ✔ More Fun, More Companion - The interactive dog toy reduces boredom and destructive behavior. It helps develop and maintain your dog's physical alertness. Create a healthy gaming session for your beloved buddy.

 ✔ Increases IQ and mental stimulation - Dog can see, smell, hear and find the treats inside the toy. The interactive dog toy can stimulate dogs' interest and appetite! 

✔ Safe Material - The pet feeder is made of high quality plastic. It is ultra-durable, non-toxic and odorless. Safe to use for all pets.


Material: Plastic

Size: 11x10cm / 4.6*3.9 inch