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Thermos With Temperature Gauge

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The smartest thermos on the market! Always have a warm drink at hand with the Pacific thermos with a temperature gauge! Stylish, easy to use, and equipped with a handy temperature gauge, the Pacific Thermos with Temperature Gauge is your right hand when traveling or on those cold winter nights!

✔️STYLISH DESIGN- The Pacific Thermos with Temperature Gauge has a simple yet stylish design that gives it a luxurious feel!

✔️BUILT-IN FILTER- Easily filter your drink with the built-in filter of the Pacific Thermos with Temperature Gauge and make sure you get the perfect cup of tea or coffee every time!

✔️TEMPERATURE DISPLAY- Never burn your tongue again! Thanks to the digital temperature display on the lid of the Pacific thermos with temperature gauge, you always know exactly how hot your drink is and when it's ready to be enjoyed!

✔️MULTIPLE COLORS - The Pacific Thermos Flask comes in a variety of beautiful colors, so you're sure to find one that perfectly suits your taste!