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Portable Mini Heat Sealer

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Don't let . that the remaining snacks become stale or the drink powder becomes hardened. Seal them with this portable mini heat sealer!


Just slide it along the edge of a bag and it's airtight in seconds! Keep your food fresher for longer with this convenient and hassle-free appliance.No need for snack clips and other unnecessary food savers! This seals the entire bag and keeps your food fresher for longer!



Just press the mini food sealer and slide it over the bag. to get an airtight seal. They will lock your food/snacks in freshness and flavor. 


Seals most common plastic or aluminum bags. Keep all groceries (groceries . fries . candy . snacks . leftovers) FRESH and DRY.

 Easy to use: 

Just open the protective cover and press 5 seconds to preheat the device before use. Then press it onto any pocket and slide it along the edge. until it is airtight.

 Practical magnetic base: 

The device comes with a magnetic base. which can be attached to a fridge or iron/steel surface. so you don't have to search for it. Keep it handy in your kitchen. outdoors. in your closet or anywhere. where you need it.


The device is compact. 10 cm long and battery operated. It is a handy tool to have at home. in the car. when traveling or camping.

Make this mini portable heat sealer your best household food storage partner!


Materials:   ABS and metal    

Size: about 10x4x4.5cm

Color: Pink / White

Batteries: 2 AA batteries


         :1x Mini Portable Heat Sealer