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Colored Led Strips

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With the Color LED Strip,  you have endless possibilities to decorate your home with fantastic lighting. Use the included remote control to change the color of the strip from a range of colors.

✔️ FLEXIBLE - The LED strip is soft and can be rolled, cut, and extended for your convenience.

 ✔️ SMART - With the included remote control you can easily change the color, adjust the brightness, and switch between different modes.

 ✔️ VERSATILE - Can be placed anywhere such as in a closet, hallway, stairwell, closet, kitchen, bedroom, or even outside.

 ✔️ WATERPROOF - Strong weather resistance due to its waterproof properties, so it can also be used outside.

 ✔️ POWERFUL - Provides bright light so you never have to stumble in the dark.