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Massage Gun

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Your personal physio and massage trainer, for people and animals!

How does the massage gun help me treat my horse's muscular problems? (See below in our article) The Massage Gun was developed by experts and is a universal massage device.


Originally from physiotherapy, the Massage Gun offers:

Our massage gun is suitable for PEOPLE and HORSE

  Reconstruction of damaged tissue

  Release of tension and knots

  Up to 40% faster regeneration after intensive training

  Targeted trigger point massage

  Promotion of blood circulation

  Warm up before intense strength units -> squat, deadlift, etc.


The right attachment for your needs


The massage gun is small and handy and can therefore be taken and used anywhere.

 The targeted impact relieves muscle tension and loosens up the tissue.

 Thus, muscle pain and tension can be permanently treated with just one movement.


Your advantages

  • Faster regeneration after intensive training.
  • Relaxation of muscle tissue -> Ideal before training.
  • Targeted impacts in the muscle tissue ensure better blood circulation.
  • Promotes the healing/rebuilding process of damaged muscles.
  • Prevents sore muscles.

Powerful engine

Thanks to its powerful motor, the Massage Gun has a 53% higher performance than comparable models and can be used for up to 5 hours when fully charged.

It has a torque of approx. 3,200 beats/minute and can be used specifically on the muscle tissue/fascia.

Thanks to the 2,400mAh battery, the

Massage Gun has a running time of approx. 5-6 hours.

Thanks to the 2,400mAh battery, the

 Massage Gun has a running time of approx. 5-6 hours.

  • Weight: about 1.5kg
  • 6 different heads for targeted therapy
  • More than 10,000 satisfied customers and sports teams
  • LCD touch screen


1. What are the benefits of massage guns?

Properly used supports the Massage Gun the reconstruction of damaged muscle tissue after e.g. an injury, frozen shoulder,..., prevents muscle soreness, increases blood circulation, allows targeted massage points to be triggered, and generally helps to achieve better performance. Targeted impacts on the muscle tissue stimulate blood circulation, which leads to better and faster regeneration.

2. How will massage Gun be used correctly?

  1. Select the desired attachment.
  2. Turn on the main button at the bottom.
  3. Set the desired speed.
  4. Massage the muscles you want.
  5. You can put a little more pressure on the desired/damaged area.
  6. Result already from the first day.