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Hula Hoop

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To your bikini figure and fit through everyday life with the FIT hula hoop!


Become part of the biggest fitness trend 2022💯

 ✅Fast weight loss through effective fat burning

 Tighten your butt, leg, and abdominal muscles

Strengthen your endurance and coordination

 Positive influence on digestion

 For every physique thanks to the plug-in system

 Weight Classic Hula Hoop: 1000g 

Youtuber Body Kiss is thrilled!



Exercising with your new FIT hula hoop stimulates and intensifies your entire metabolism. This also stimulates the burning of fat in the body cells. In this sense, the vitalizing detoxification of the body is promoted and faster fat reduction in the waist area is made possible.💪🏼

The entire weight loss and the intensive training in the abdomen, legs, and buttocks area helps you build muscle in this area and your skin is tightened.

In addition, the core of the tire is covered by foam, so you train very comfortably and comfortably.

You can adjust the size of your tire individually, the individual parts can be easily connected to each other with a click connector system. Whether young or old, slim or massive, the FIT hula hoop is suitable for the whole family.

You can achieve this with your new FIT hula hoop!


Click system explained

Scope of delivery:

 1x FIT hula hoop

 (8 sections/1000g/95cm diameter)