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GX und Vmax Pokemon Cards

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GX: Special Edition - Vmax: Limited Edition 

Pokémon have delighted children and adults for 25 years. Since the first Pokémon video game hit the market in 1996, the hype surrounding the fantasy creatures has remained unbroken. Even today they are very often collected in school and exchanged among friends.

The likelihood that your child will also become addicted to the Pokémon high is therefore very high. It is quite possible that your son or daughter will soon be storming through the front door and calling out enthusiastically: "Mom, Dad, I would also like to have Pokémon cards."

Since many children focus on collecting fun, they often don't even know that there is actually a game behind the Pokémon cards. In the card game, two Pokémon with different attack and defense skills compete against each other in a fight. The aim is for the opposing Pokémon to take as much damage as possible from an attack. Pokémon cards, energy cards or trainer cards are available to players for this purpose.

The card game is basically structured in a simple manner. The numerous card combinations with which the opposing player can be fought make it a challenging strategy game. Children can not only expand their strategic thinking but are also encouraged to read. Mutual respect is also central to Pokémon, and players don't have to worry about losing Pokémon cards to their opponents if they are defeated. And best of all: Playing the Pokémon trading card game with your own children is a lot of fun even as an adult.