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Exfoliating Back & Body Scrubber

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Do you ever struggle to clean your back while taking a bath or shower?

Try our Exfoliating Back Scrubber for Shower! Effectively exfoliate those hard-to-reach spots with our Scrub Buddy Back Washer for Shower to help keep your back feeling smooth and healthy.

Silicone Back Scrub – The Distinguished Nerd


  • REVITALIZE: Our Shower Back Scrubber improves blood circulation and revitalizes your skin
  • DEEP CLEAN: The double-sided shower back scrubber provides a deep cleaning effect wherever you scrub. Our Scrub Buddy cleans out pores and removes dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin, making your skin feel extra smooth

  • QUICK-DRY: The soft silicone material in the Back Scrubber for Shower makes it dry up quickly, greatly reducing bacterial survival
  • MASSAGE & EXFOLIATE: Massage your back with the Best Shower Scrubber while efficiently exfoliating your body 

EZReach™ Silicone Back Scrubber

  • DURABLE: Our Scrub Buddy Back Washer for Shower has a strong tensile strength that's built to last. The shower scrubber with handle has high-temperature resistance, making it perfect for use in hot baths
  • SAFE TO USE: Made of food-grade silicone, the best back scrubber and back washer for shower is eco-friendly, free of BPA, and contains no harmful substances



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