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4-in-1 Dog Water Bottle

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Are you worried about your dog getting thirsty while walking?

Thanks to the 4-in-1 Dog Water Bottle, you will always have everything with you when you go for a walk. The dog bottle is compact, easy to use, and very convenient for daily use. This multi-function tool includes a drinking bowl, a space for treats, a place to store poop bags, and even a scoop for obvious reasons. 


✓ Safety for your pet: Clean drinking water is very important for animals. Dirty water can cause harm to your pet.

✓ Multifunctional: The bottle combines a water container and a cup. You can carry treats and waste bags. You also have a detachable scoop with it to keep the environment clean.

✓ Fast & Convenient: Fill up the bottle in seconds while walking and get on your way.

✓ Dog-friendly materials: the water bottle is made of durable, safe material. 100% safe for dogs, cats, and other pets

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