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Dog Toothbrush

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Dog toothbrush non-toxic natural rubber

If we use the traditional method of brushing dogs' teeth. Dogs usually stay away. Because the ordinary toothbrush will bring the dog a terrible experience. with little effort. but without effect. and with great effort. the dog's gums will be injured.






  • Made from eco-friendly. semi-soft rubber. BPA free. This is not a typical chew toy. not suitable for aggressive chewing. soft enough. so as not to injure dogs' mouths and teeth. but tight enough. to clean dental plaque. Cannot be destroyed easily.
  • Larger stabilizing base. easy for your dog to hold. Easy to clean with soap and water after use. Dries fast.
  • All-round cleaning: the dog brushes its own teeth in all directions. Press. to enlarge the hole above . and then squeeze in the dog's toothpaste. The toothpaste flows out of the 18 holes, helping the pet clean their teeth deeply.



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