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Cactus™ Humidifier

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Your plants hate dry air!

Although watering plants might sound sufficient, they actually need humidity to survive.  Many of our indoor plants originate from humid jungle environments, so moisture in the air is vital to keep plants lush and healthy. The humidity helps prevent them from drying out in the sun.

When humidity levels are low in dry conditions, plants continuously lose water. This can lead to dehydration as they cannot replace the lost water at the same speed they are losing it. To protect themselves, the plants completely close down their stomata to block the evaporation of water.  When humidity levels are extremely low, then plants even start shedding their leaves to prevent dehydration from killing them.   

40% – 60% humidity is ideal for most houses during summer and the perfect humidity level for most plants to flourish. With specific ways to increase humidity, such as our Cactus™ Humidifier, your home will reach this humidity level with ease. This level is also ideal for flowering and vegetation


The Cactus™ Humidifier

This cute Cactus Humidifier produces a mist spray at a rate of 50ml/h when plugged via USB to reduce dryness and congestion in your room, office, or bedroom. If your home is congested and your plants die due to dryness, you need this portable humidifier. It also comes with a night light which can be switched on and off independently.



  • Size: 13x8cm
  • Powered by USB: It is powered by a USB cable that comes along with the product. You can connect it with your laptop at the office desk easily.
  • Reduces dryness: The water in the humidifier ejects in the form of a mist which reduces the level of dryness in the air around you.
  • Filters out bacteria: Harmful bacteria and irritants that may cause colds and allergies are discarded by the mist.
  • Adorable design: The small circular design of the humidifier looks adorable on the table and can easily be mistaken for a decoration piece.
  • Capacity: 280ml
  • Working time: 4 hours, simply refill the humidifier once emptied
  • Max Mist Volume50ml/h
  • ColorsWhite with light, pink, not light, white not light, grey not light

How to use:

  • Firstly, remove the lid and add water, ensuring that the water does not exceed the max line indicated on the product as a horizontal mark.
  • Put the lid back and connect the USB cable to your laptop, computer, or adapter.
  • Press the button of the Cactus Humidifier and it will start working instantly. The light can be turned on independently when needed. 


  • Don’t leave the humidifier turned on once the water in the unit is consumed.
  • Don’t flip the diffuser. Water may leak out.
  • Clean it once a week with a dry and clean cloth.

Our Guarantee:

100% Guaranteed
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