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Pet Bathing Brush

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A private SPA for your pet!

The benefits of bathing your pet are obvious: cleans the skin and coat which helps to remove loose hair, removes any horrible smell, makes the fur super-fluffy, gets rid of any annoying insects, etc. Our Pet Bathing Brush is the all-in-one tool that you need to wash your puppy properly!

Soft silicone brush bristles, safe and non-toxic, soft and non-deformable, will not harm the pet's skin.

Remove mud and dirt from dog paws best, help clean from pet fur to skin. It provides a quick and thorough wash of the coat to your pets, dual-effects of massaging the skin by stimulating capillaries which improve the health of the skin and coats. Built into a shampoo tank, press the top bulb firmly to dispense shampoo through the bristles 🐶


  •  Improves blood circulation 
  •  Massages the skin 
  •  High temperature resistant 
  •  Easy to clean, fast drying 




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