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8.5 inch LCD Writing Tablet

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This limited edition LCD writing tablet is just the thing!


Are your kids learning how to write? Do they use your walls to practice? And what about your notes? Are you still using old-fashioned paper to lose track of everything you ever wrote? This LCD writing tablet is perfect for family, fun, business, and other occasions. Suitable for writing and drawing, and can be used to help children learn to write. The tablet even works as a message board for your home!



This drawing tablet offers you a more convenient and artistic life experience and is the perfect gift for toddlers or adults.  


  • Mild color, no bright lights to damage your eyes. No radiation.
  • Suitable for writing, drawing, home messaging, etc.
  • Pressure-sensitive, easy to use, and play.
  • One button clears the screen.
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight design, convenient to carry, and magnetized so you can put it on your fridge as a message board.
  • Energy-saving design, with a CR2016 cell battery and no additional batteries for the display.

How To Use?

1. Pull out the pen

2. Turn the switch to the open state

3. Write directly on the writing surface with the pen

4. Press the Delete key to erase the written content, then try writing again 




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