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Golden Baby Dummy

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Do you have enough bling-bling for your little celebrity?

This luxurious pacifier will give your baby the perfect start to a life of luxury, wealth, and freedom. Every INSTA baby needs one of these. We know your baby is dressed to the max, now you have the pacifier to match that great outfit! 

Benefits of our Pacifier:

  • Soft Nipple: Our premium dummy has a soft nipple although being durable. Other dummies tend to break into two pieces and cause choking hazards, that's why we check every pacifier before it's sent out. 
  • Check you can easily grip the dummy’s ring or handle so you can pull it out quickly if it becomes lodged in your baby’s mouth.
  • Look for a firm plastic shield with air holes. Check the shield is more than 3.5 cm across so your baby can’t put the whole thing in their mouth.
  • If your baby is younger than six months old, choose a dummy that can go into the dishwasher or be boiled.


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